Archive and Trash


Some notes don’t need your attention anymore, but are still too important to delete them. The archive is the place you need.

When you have finished your work on a certain note and you don’t want to see it in your note list, just select the note and find the archive button . When you click the archive button, the note will be sent to archive and you will see an info message for this action. The info message will be visible for 10 seconds if you don’t choose to hide it manually. There is an “Undo” button in it. You can press it if you change your mind and want to leave the note in the note list.

You can send more than one note to archive simultaneously. Just select all the notes you want to move and press the archive button from the navigation bar.

You can also move the note to archive and back to note list when the note is opened. You can do that by opening Details menu.

Anyway you can bring the note back from the archive anytime you want. You can access your archive from the NotezApp slide menu.

Selecting a note in the archive gives you two options: to restore it - which means that you will send it back to your note list or to delete it - this will send the note to your trash.

If you choose to restore or delete a note from the archive, you will see again an info message for this action with “Undo” button in it.

You can select multiple notes and restore or delete them from archive at once.


When you delete a note from your note list or archive it will be automatically sent to trash. The deleting itself works when you select a note and then press the “Delete” button

An info message will pop up for 10 seconds to inform you that the deletion has been successfully performed. If you change your mind, you can cancel sending the note to trash by clicking the “Undo” button situated in the info message.

Please, consider that you can send to trash only notes that you have created. If a note is shared with you by email or if it is a public note which you have accessed by opening its link, in that case when you press the delete button, you will not be able to find that note in your trash. An info message will again pop up, but this time it will say that you have lost access to this note.

You can open your trash from the slide menu

When you select one or more notes in trash you will see a Delete/Restore menu. These are the two actions you can perform. To restore the note means that you will send it back to its previous location or to permanently delete it - this way you will loose your note forever.

You can permanently delete all the notes in trash with a single click, just press the “Empty trash” button . An info message will again pop up for 10 seconds in the bottom of the page. Click “Undo” from it if you don’t want to delete forever all the notes in trash.