Compare Notes

Create attributes in notes

To create an attribute, needed for the comparison table, just type /attr or /attribute at the beginning of the row, leave space and choose a name for the attribute then type the equals sign (=) and add value. For example you may choose to compare prices: /attr smartphone 1 price $ = 484 This will be the result: Create attribute

You can delete and edit your attributes. And create as many of them as you need.

Compare notes by selection

Select one or more notes in your note list that have attributes you want to compare. Then click the “Compare” button . A comparison table will be created. Notes titles are in the first column. Every next column is an attribute. You can change the name of the attribute from the table, change values or create new attributes. Please, take into account that only attributes which values are digits and numbers will be visualized in the comparison table.

Or give focus on one or more columns. You can modify the number just below the attributes’ names. When you leave it on x1, this is the actual value. If you change it for example to x2, it is like you are multiplying the actual value by two.

When you are done modifying your table, check the total score of the attributes in your notes.

Comparison table