Confluence® Cloud

You can export your notes to Atlassian Confluence® meeting notes. Connect your Confluence® Cloud instance with NotezApp. Install NotezApp extension in your Confluence® so that you can export your notes.

Select a note from your note list or open a note then use the “Integrations” button .

Follow the next steps to connect your Confluence® instance:

Please, notice that you should have admin level of access in Confluence® to connect the instance.

1.Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.

2.Click the admin dropdown and choose Find new add-ons.

Find new Add-ons

3.The Find new add-ons screen loads.

4.Locate NotezApp Meeting Notes for Confluence.

Notezapp Marketplace Page

5.Click Install to download and install the add-on.

6.After the NotezApp Meeting Notes for Confluence is successfully installed, click Manage add-ons. You should see NotezApp in the “User installed add-ons”. Click on it. And then click “Configure”.

Configure NotezApp

7.The configure page will open. Please, submit the emails of the users who will export notes to Confluence®.

Add emails

You are all set. Now you can freely export your notes to Confluence® meeting notes. Select your Confluence® space and instance. And finally decide if you want your note to be split by headings and horizontal lines when exported to Confluence®. If you choose the note to be split by headings, every heading you have in it will be followed by different topic and you will be able to see how long you discussed this topic. Click the “Create” button and go to your Atlassian Confluence® to check your meeting notes.

Export note