When you open NotezApp home page, you will see the NotezApp login options. You don’t need to create new account and remember another username and password. You have three options for login – Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Google login

Click on the Google login button and enter your Google email and password. Or just select the account if it is already active in your browser. You will automatically sign in with the selected email, name, password and profile picture.

Facebook and Twitter login

Choose one of these options to continue with your Facebook or Twitter account. By joining NotezApp with your Facebook or Twitter profile you will use the same email you have registered to the social network. If you have signed up with a phone number only, you will still be able to access NotezApp. The only inconvenience you will have in this case, will be that other users will not be able to share notes with you by email. But you will still be able to open and write in all the public notes by following their link.

Mobile App Login