Here you can find tools and features to help you sort out things easier and faster.

You can search for notes’ titles, text in notes, files and images. You will find the search field at the top of your note list. Type what you are looking for and press Enter.

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Use headings and easily find them in the note’s outline. (See Rich Content article for more information on creating headings.) When you add a heading in a note, “Outline” will be automatically created. You can find the “Outline” icon in the note’s navigation menu. Click on it and a list with all the headings in the note will appear.

When you click a heading in the Outline, the note will be instantly scrolled to the selected heading.



You can choose to see only selected notes in your note list by using the note list filter

Filter the notes in your note list by one or more criteria - colors, tags and teams.

Filter by color

Click on the filter and select the color you need. You will see text indication when there is an active filter and only notes with the selected color will be shown in your note list. To show all the notes again click on the filter one more time and then select “Clear all filters”.

Filter by tag

(For more info how tags are created, please visit the Organize Notes article.)

When you open the filter, you will find a list with all your existing tags. Or you can start typing a name of an existing tag in the “Enter tag” field so that you don’t have to scroll through all your tags. Click the tag you are looking for. You can filter notes by one or more tags. To show all the notes in your note list click the filter again and then “Clear all filters”.

Filter by team

With the help of the note list filter, you can easily find notes that are shared with a certain team of users. Just open the note list filter and find the team you need in the “Filter by Team” section.

Snippet filter

You can also filter the note’s content. Find the “Filter” button in the note’s navigation menu . Click it and a dropdown with all the available snippet categories will open. Choose one or more categories.

Snippet Filter

When you want to show all the note’s content again, open the snippet filter one more time and choose the last option from the dropdown, which is “Show All”.

Filter by User

You have another filter in the snippet menu - “Filter by User”. You will find it useful for notes that are shared.

Hover over another user’s snippet or select the snippet by tapping in the mobile app. Then click the “Filter by user” button from the snippet menu . Only snippets created by the selected user will visualize in the note.

When you want to see all the content again, open the “Filter snippets” from the note’s navigation menu and click “Show all”.

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