Note Content

In this section you can find everything you are able to add to your notes.


Open a note, give focus on the ‘Type text’ field in the bottom of the note and write anything you want.

For additional info about the text visualization, macros and text formatting, please visit the Rich Content article.


You can upload images from all your devices. Uploading happens when you click .

Inline images

Inline images are images which you can take directly via NotezApp. You have this option in the mobile apps. To take inline photo tap on .

If you need these images later, you can find them in your device storage.

On devices with Android, you can detect new images in your image gallery and automatically upload them to a note of your choice. You just have to open a note, enable “Detect images” feature. You will find it in the “More” menu. Leave Notezapp running in the background and start taking pictures with your device camera. When you return to Notezapp, the images you took will be uploading to your note. Please, note that only images from the device internal storage will be detected.


To add your location to a note make sure your location provider is enabled and click on the location button


You can upload files to your notes.

The allowed file formats are: doc, docx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx, gz, zip, rar.

Uploading file is executed the same way as you upload images. Click on the upload icon and then choose the directory and the file you would like to upload. You can upload files on the NotezApp website and in the mobile apps.

Write and paste links to your notes or share them to NotezApp from other places on the web. Links from secured websites have previews.


Create your own video with NotezApp mobile app . Open note and tap on This will open NotezApp video recorder. You can edit your video preferences. When you stop recording and close the video recorder, you will see the video uploading to your note. You will also find your video in your device storage.

You can upload already recorded video on the NotezApp website and in the Android mobile app. Just click on the upload icon and select your video.

Everyone who has access to the note will be able to play and download the video. The allowed video formats are mp4 and mpg/mpeg. Videos which other users upload can be shared and played only in online mode.


To create an audio file with NotezApp mobile app tap the “Audio recording” button at the note’s bottom menu. The timer shows you the length of the audio. The audio will be uploaded in aac format automatically when you stop it. On our website you can also upload audios in other formats. Audio formats allowed are acc, flac, mp3 and wav.