Organize Notes

You can organize your notes in categories so that you can easily search into them. You could add tags (labels) to you notes or you could change notes’ colors.


If you have many notes on the same topic you may want to differentiate them from the other notes.In this case add the same tag to all of them. You will recognize them in your note list at first glance. And you can even filter your note list so that you see only notes with the same tag.

Add new tag

You can add tags to all the notes you have created and to the notes which are shared with you by email or team. Add as many tags to a single note as you like.

On the website you can create new tag from the note list or from the note itself. Hover the note you want to clip new tag to. When your mouse is over the note, a field will appear in the upper right corner of the note, just below the note’s header label Click this field and a pop-up will open. You will see an input field saying “Add tag”. Type something that will give you a tip about the note’s content.

You can write one or more words - the tag symbol restriction is up to 20 symbols. When you are ready with your new tag’s name, click the “Add” button. The tag is now created and it will appear in the note’s preview. Adding tag when you have opened the note is performed almost the same way. Click the “More Options” button and find “Tags”.

Once you have created a certain tag, you can use it for other notes as many times as you need it. When the tag already exists you can add it to another note in almost the same manner as you have first created it. The difference this time will be that when you start typing it in the “Add new tag” input, it will appear in a drop-down menu together with all of your existing tags containing the letters you have typed. Click the tag you need from the drop-down and it will be automatically added to the note.

In the mobile app adding new tag is almost the same as on the website. When in your note list, long tap on a note then click on . Then select “Tags” A new page will open. From now on everything is the same. Create new tag or choose existing one and it will appear in the top right corner of your note.

Delete tag

You can delete note’s tag anytime.

Click on note’s tags in the preview. Now click on the tag you want to delete and it will be hidden right away.

When you delete certain tag from all of your notes, it will be no longer shown in the tag filter and in the drop-down menu with the tags suggestions.

Color your notes

Another way to organize your notes is by color. You can change note’s color in a few different ways.

Change color from inside the note

When a note is opened on your screen click the color changer icon color_lens from the note’s navigation menu. Select color.

Change color from note’s preview

You will see the same color changer icon color_lens when you select the note. You can also change multiple notes’ colors at once.

In the mobile app you also have two ways to change note’s color. By long tap to select the note in the note list or from the navigation menu in the note itself.