Share Notes

Share a note with user

You can share your notes and collaborate with other people.

You will find “Share” button in the note navigation menu. You will also see the same button in the note list navigation menu, when the note is selected. Click the “Share” button and you will be redirected to the “Share” page. To share the note, write the user’s email in the text input field. Click “Invite” and the user will receive an email notification about your action.

When you share a note by email, the user you invite will have the same level of access to your note as you. Users invited by email will be able to write their own snippets, share the note with other users, modify and delete your snippets but not the note itself.

Share a note with team

Once a team is created, you can share notes with the team members. Go to “Share” page and select to share with team. When you click “Invite” the note will be shared with all the team members at once. This can save you plenty of time instead of writing every single email separately. So if you often share notes with the same people, it will be best to invite them to be a part of your team.

Share Note