Snippet Actions

There are two ways to see the snippet options. The first one is to hover over the snippet. You will see the snippet menu icon Click it to find the available snippet options.

The second one is by clicking the user picture for the snippet you want to moderate.

For the mobile apps - just tap on a snippet to select it. The snippet menu will be shown below the snippet.

Edit snippet

Click on the “Edit snippet” icon and change your text, link or attribute.

Snippet priority - low

Make snippets which do not need your attention anymore less visible than the rest. Just click on the “Low priority” button from the snippet menu.

Snippet Priority navbar

Or choose the low priority from the drop-down when the snippet is selected.

Snippet Priority

You can change the snippet priority anytime. If you want to bring the snippet back to its previous state - just set its priority to normal.

Snippet priority - high

If you want specific snippet to be more distinguishable, mark it as high priority. Click . Red line will appear on the left snippet corner so that you can easily notice the important content of your note. You can change the snippet priority anytime. If you want to bring the snippet back to its previous state - just set its priority to normal.

Copy to clipboard

For copying text snippet fast, click the “Copy to clipboard” button from the snippet menu or from the navigation menu when the snippet is selected. Then paste it wherever you like.


Select a snippet that you want to comment and click the comments button You can comment on every snippet. Comments are situated below the snippet. The “show more” option will let you see all the comments for the snippet. Please, consider that comments can contain text only and cannot be edited.


You can check if the snippet has been modified. When someone edit it, or change the snippet priority, these actions will be saved in the snippet history. Click the history button to see the snippet changes.

Delete snippet

Click on the “Delete” button from the snippet menu. The snippet will be removed from the note and an info message will appear. Click “Undo” from the info message, if you have changed your mind and want to keep the snippet. Otherwise the info message will disappear in 10 seconds and the snippet will be permanently deleted.

Audio, video, file and image snippets

You can download audio, video, images and files by clicking the download button from the certain snippet menu.

Location snippet

For the location snippet you will see additional icon . If you click it, the coordinates will open with Google maps. (Or you can just click the map in the location snippet, Google maps will open in a new window.)

To follow a link, click on the link preview or on the link text. The link will open in a new window.

Attribute snippet actions

For snippets with attributes you have only share to Tweeter, delete and edit options. (For more information about the attribute snippets, please visit Compare notes article.)

Split and merge snippets

You can split your text snippets by clicking the edit icon and then put a dash on a new line, where you think the other snippet should begin. When you finish editing, press enter and the snippet will be split by your dashes - visualized as horizontal lines in your note.

You can also merge your snippets. It works only on snippets that you have created. Select the snippets you want to merge and then click the “Merge snippets” icon from the note navigation menu. Please consider that this is an option you have only on the website.

Keyboard shortcuts for editing snippet

Arrow up activates edit on the last snippet you have created, if the focus is on the typing text field. Ctrl + Arrow up/down activates edit of the snippet above/below.